Prometheus Pocket

Prometheus Pocket

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  • Notice: Intended for aromatherapy use only
  • Shipping: Ships in 24-48 hours
  • Brand:100% Authentic PYPTEK Brand Guaranteed
  • Construction:Aluminum exoskeleton protecting internal glass
  • Features:Disassemble for repair or cleaning

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The Prometheus Pocket by PYPTEK has been a wild success since its release and shows no signs of slowing down. Designed and manufactured in Colorado, the Pocket easily stands out with its precision build, ease of use, and a sleek aluminum-wrapped glass construction. With the Pocket, you'll get all the benefits of a glass piece without the imminent danger of breaking it at any time.

Hand crafted in the USA, it is easy to see the care taken with each and every unit. The glass parts and all glass air path have shock resistant, medical grade silicon o-rings nestled between them and the aluminum shell, offering constant protection from any cracking or breaking due to accidental drops.

The Pocket completely disassembles to offer super easy cleaning of the glass parts as well as the screen. Guaranteed authentic and ships in 24-48 hours. Available in 5 colors.

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