Dragon DQH Plus Kit

Dragon DQH Plus Kit

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  • Notice: Intended for aromatherapy use only
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  • Brand:100% Seego Brand Authenticity Guaranteed
  • Battery Type:650mAh lithium-ion
  • Coils:Set includes 2 dual rod glass quartz heater heads
  • Dimensions:~5" tall x 0.5" wide

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The Dragon DQH Plus Kit is an advanced pen style device for use with waxy essential oils that comes equipped with dual rod glass quartz heater head attachments for an extremely clean-tasting aroma.

This slim pen device comes equipped with two heater head attachments that each feature a dual rod glass quartz element with kanthal wire structure. The dual rod design adds to the attachment's overall surface area, leaving you with an element that is ready to heat through larger amounts of thick oils with just the quick touch of a button.

The pure glass quartz rods are responsible for the amazing quality of flavor this device has become so well known for. Unlike ceramic and fiber wicks, pure glass quartz does not hold too much of an effect over the quality of your aroma, instead this type of material preserves the natural flavoring your waxy essential oils produce.

Each of the glass quartz heater heads can be closed using the included attachment cap to prevent waste. When you begin to heat thick aromatherapy oils they will often become thin and begin to spatter within the tank, with this attachment cap all of your thick oils will remain trapped within the heater head attachment to ensure that every last bit goes to use.

The Dragon DQH Plus Kit is powered by a slim rechargeable lithium-ion battery that features a one button operation for ultimate convenience. This battery features feature a 650mAh capacity that will provide days of use before eventually needing a recharge. When that time comes connect to the included USB charging cable to get a quick recharge no matter where you are in just a couple of hours. This battery also features a 10 second auto cut off safety feature that will automatically kill the power after 10 seconds of continuous heating to prevent possible damage due to over heating.

Within this kit you will find everything you need and then some to begin discreetly enjoying your favorite thick essential oils right out of the box. This includes the device itself, a mini stainless hand tool to aid in the filling process and a replacement quartz dual coil heater head attachment to keep your DQH Plus device working as it did out of the box for much time to come.


1 x DQH Plus Heating Attachment
1 x DQH Plus Battery
2 x Dual Coil Quartz Heater Head (1 Pre-installed)
1 x Cap Attachment (Pre-installed)
1 x Stainless Hand Tool
1 x USB Charging Cable
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