Arizer Solo 2

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Arizer Solo 2

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  • Brand:100% Authentic Arizer Brand Guaranteed
  • Battery Life:3 hours of continuous use or ~20 cycles
  • Heat Up Time:30 seconds
  • Display:Customizable OLED
  • Version:Version 2, 2017 Newest Model

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The 2017 Solo 2 II Portable is a new and improved version of one of the most efficient and best selling dry blend portable devices to ever hit the market.

This device now comes equipped with large LED display, an upgraded battery, enhanced airflow, and custom session settings for ultimate control over your experience.

The Solo II device from Arizer Tech features precise temperature controls that allow you to set the device to reach temperatures ranging anywhere from 122-428ï¾°F. Arizer gives you the option of adjusting this temp range in either 1ï¾° or 10ï¾°F degree increments, this precision control over the temperature level gives you the chance to zero in on the perfect temperature for the blend you are using.

Whether you heat your dried blends using higher temperatures for a thick aroma or your prefer a lower heat setting for enhanced flavor, Arizer's Solo Version 2 can provide the exact results you are after in just 30 seconds.

After you have found the ideal temperature for the blend you are working with, the Solo Newest Version will remember that temp setting and automatically heat to that level the next time you power on the device and begin a cycle by pressing either the up or down arrow buttons one time.

Arizer's Solo V2 can heat for five minutes continuously before the device will automatically shutdown to prevent damage caused from overheating. Arizer also gives you the option of customizing this auto shut off safety feature to initiate after 5 minutes or up to 15 minutes, adjusted in one minute increments.

The Solo 2nd Edition from Arizer Tech also comes equipped with an upgraded battery that is capable of heating for up to 3 hours of continuous or around 20 cycles on each charge. This extremely long battery life makes this device a great choice for those who are constantly on the move, as it is one of the few portable dry blend devices that can heat for this long without requiring a recharge.

When the time to recharge does eventually come, connect your new V2 Solo to the included DC wall charger to achieve a full recharge in just 90 minutes, a much longer lifespan and faster recharge rate the most other similar device on the market. If that isn't enough for you, this device also supports pass-through charging that allows you to continue heating the device while it recharges.

Just as it's predecessor, the Arizer Solo Latest Version comes equipped with an all borosilicate glass aroma path to maintain a cool and smooth pull. Not only does the glass path help to cool your aroma, it will also help to preserve the natural flavor it produces rather than adding to it's flavor quality like ceramic or metals will often do. Each of the Arizer glass aroma tubes can be closed using the included silicone tube caps, this gives you the option to pre-pack each tube for convenient discreet on the go use.

Arizer's Newest Solo device also features a large OLED screen that neatly displays current temp, desired temp and remaining battery life all on one bright and customizable interface. The customizable settings grant your full control over the volume of the audio notification system, brightness of the OLED display, the heat duration before the auto shut off safety feature comes into play and much more.


1 x Arizer Solo 2
1 x Charging Cable/Wall Adapter
1 x Glass Aroma Tube (90mm)
1 x Glass Aroma tube (110mm)
1 x Glass Aromatherapy Dish
1 x Belt-Clip Carry Case
2 x Silicone Stem Caps
1 x Stainless Stirring Tool
4 x Stainless Steel Filter Screens
1 x Sample of Aromatic Botanicals
1 x User Manual
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This product does not contain and is not designed, marketed, or intended for use with nicotine or tobacco. For legal adult use only.

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