Death Star-Grinder 3 Piece Sifting Screen & Storage 2 Inch

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Death Star-Grinder 3 Piece Sifting Screen & Storage 2 Inch

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  • Size:About 2 inches in diameter
  • Features:Magnetic closure & stainless sifting screen
The Death Star-Grinder 3 Piece Sifting Screen & Storage 2 Inch is a discreet palm-sized blend grinder that sports a similar design to the Death Star space station from Star Wars.

This pocket-sized grinder comes equipped with three total parts including two layers of teeth and a bottom storage compartment for collecting.

The Death Star theme blend grinder feature a strong magnetic closure, holding together the two main parts that make up this item.

Release the magnetic seal to reveal the grind chamber, within this compartment you will find two layers of strategically placed diamond shaped teeth that offer a smooth and simple each and every time, requiring little to no torque to fully shred through a chamber full of material.

After fully grinding your material it will then sit upon a fine mesh stainless steel sifting screen where any pollen particles will be transferred down into the bottom storage container to allow for easy removal. Once enough pollen has collected you can access this bottom area by removing the Death Star's bottom layer of teeth which is held in place by a thread system that can be opened or closed in just a matter of moments.

Pick up your Star Wars blend grinder today and received a Death Star themed gift box that can double as a storage container for discreet travel.


1 x 3 Part Death Star Grinder

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This product does not contain and is not designed, marketed, or intended for use with nicotine or tobacco. For legal adult use only.

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