HELOS-G Aero Edition
HELOS-G Aero Edition

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HELOS-G Aero Edition


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  • Notice: Intended for aromatherapy use
  • Brand:100% Authentic eDab Brand Guaranteed
  • Coils:eFunnel V2 QDC, 3 Included
  • Thread type:510/ego threading
  • Features:Airflow control system, newly redesigned for 2017

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Newly redesigned for 2017, the HELOS-G Aero Edition Cartridge Set is a universal 510 thread wax attachment for box mods and pen batteries alike. This newest release in the HELOS line has been re-built from the ground up to be the best wax atomizer your hard-earned money can buy. Boasting a host of distinct features and clever improvements to the original HELOS-G wax cartridge, the Aero Edition offers an outstanding experience that is second to none, and at an even lower price point that the first version, making it an even better value. 

As you might expect from the name, the Aero's unique Airflow Control System, or "ACS" for short, allows you to manage the airflow level while in use. With 5 settings to choose from, simply rotate the ACS ring to adjust the airflow and fine tune your experience according to your preference. This feature smartly eliminates the need for a vent hole in the globe itself and allows for cooler, more diffused essence if desired.

Based on eDab's original eFunnel coil design, the eFunnel V2 QDC coils included in this set have also been completely reworked, keeping everything users loved about the first and improving on everything else. 

Starting from the outside, the eFunnel V2 QDC features the same stainless exterior with the familiar funnel-like edge to assist in loading. The ceramic dish has more than doubled in size, making it possible to load twice as much as you previously could. Like the original eFunnel, the V2 makes use of a bottom-coil design, where the coils sit on the bottom of the dish to reduce waste and increase efficiency. The QDC stands for "Quartz Dual Coil". Quartz is a completely non-reactive material and as such helps to create a clean, crisp essence far superior to the common fiber wick coils of the past. The dual coil set-up creates twice the heating surface of a single coil configuration, further enhancing the Aero's efficiency.

The HELOS Aero was designed to be cross compatible with as many common devices as possible. It works with any mod or pen with 510/ego style threading, which is the most common type. It is compatible with eDab's Spin battery and most other pen batteries without proprietary threading. For mod use, a common 510/ego thread adapter may be required depending on the connection. The Aero can be operated between 3.2 - 4.2 volts @ <15 watts. For best results, attach to your device, start with a lower setting of about 5 watts and work your way up from there. 

The signature all-glass globe, an eDab first, means clean-up is super quick and easy. For the purists, this also prevents exposure of the essence to a plastic or rubber mouthpiece.

Like its predecessor, the Aero Edition sports a refined, understated look with the laser-etched HELOS-G logo on the polished stainless base, coupled with clear o-rings to match any battery or device. 

The HELOS-G Aero Edition and eFunnel QDC coils are not made with glues, adhesives, or other toxic materials.

HELOS Aero Specs:
  • All-new Aero ACS base (airflow control system) 
  • Exclusive new eFunnel V2 QDC coils (3 included) 
  • Universal compatibility with all HELOS series coils 
  • Universal 510 thread for best device compatibility 
  • Works with most mods & pen batteries (3.2-4.2V) 
  • G model one-piece boro globe for max taste & purity 
  • Sleek design with etched logo on base & clear o-rings 
  • Not made with glues, adhesives, or toxic materials
Each HELOS-G Aero Edition Cartridge Set Includes:
  • HELOS Aero Cartridge Base
  • HELOS-G Globe
  • eFunnel V2 QDC Coils (3 total, 1 pre-installed)
  • Retail box

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