Aroma Vapes 101

What are "aroma vapes"?
An "aroma vape" is a vaporizer made for non-tobacco use. Unlike "e-cigarettes", aroma vapes are not engineered to function with nicotine products and do not simulate tobacco smoking. Aroma vaporizers existed in a commercial sense long before e-cigarettes, with the first devices for dry material entering the mainstream and appearing in smoke shops and mail-order catalogs in the 90's.

The Volcano vaporizer, released in 2000, is certainly one, if not the, most notable device from this era, and one that truly kick-started innovation. Since then, vaporizers have progressed in terms of technology and portability, resulting in the wide range of unique, top-rated devices currently available. 

Today's aroma vapes efficiently vaporize both dry material and concentrates alike and come in all shapes and sizes, collectively offering a stunning array of features and advanced functionality. Aroma vaporizers are also commonly referred to as "dry vapes" or "concentrate vapes" depending on the material they are compatible with.

What is the difference between aroma vapes and e-cigarettes?

Aroma vaporizers are not designed for vaping e-liquid (including nicotine-free), tobacco, or any other product containing nicotine. They are intended only for adult use with safe, natural, and legal dried herbs/blends, concentrated plant extracts and/or essential oils and should not function correctly if used with "e-juice" or tobacco.

Vaporizers are not medical devices, likewise, they are not intended to treat or cure any disease. Always speak to your healthcare provider before vaporizing any substance.

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