Ghost MV1 Vaporizer

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Ghost MV1 Vaporizer

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  • Brand:Authentic Ghost Vapes Brand
  • Battery:Proprietary 2600mAh Li-ion
  • Chamber:Ceramic crucible
  • Heating Type:Convection
  • Heat Up Time:10-12 seconds
  • Temp Range:284-428°F (5 presets)

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The Ghost MV1 vaporizer is a premium portable device for dry blends with a 2600mAh battery capacity, Bluetooth compatibility and highly advanced on-demand convection-style heating method that offers dense, flavorful vapor in just seconds.

This unique, high quality handheld vape comes equipped with a removable ceramic heating crucible that allows for quick and precise loading whenever you're ready for a session. Since it's removable you can also replace it when necessary rather than buying a whole new vaporizer.

The Ghost MV1 vape can heat anywhere from 284-428°F in just about 10-12 seconds using it's patented heat exchanger system. Not only does it heat up fast, it cools down just as quickly so you can perfectly dose out your sessions and minimize the amount of waste you have in between each cycle.

Out of the box, the device comes with three preset heat levels for dry blends (338°F, 365°F, 392°F) as well as two custom preset options that you can set anywhere within the above range. It also includes one max temperature setting for when you decide to vaporize waxy concentrated oils.

It's advanced convection heating technology creates some of the most flavorful and satisfying vapor possible. It also comes equipped with a premium borosilicate glass retractable mouthpiece and proprietary heat sink system that together helps to cool the vapor greatly before you inhale for some seriously smooth results.

Using the Ghost MV1 vaporizer is designed to be a quick and easy process. First fill the crucible by opening the hinged door and removing it from the device. Remove the top cap and fill a coarse ground blend loosely just up to the top of the crucible. Replace the top cap and reinstall. If you're vaping oils simply place the included pad inside the crucible before filling your waxy concentrate.

Then power on the device by holding the mode button until you notice the LED indicator display a single green light. Release the button, the LED will then display your current battery life and shut off to wait in sleep mode until you're ready to start your session.

You can then select one of the preset temperature setting options by clicking the mode button. Watch as the LED indicator displays the various heat settings and stop clicking when you've found your preferred level. You can fine tune the two custom heat profiles by downloading and pairing your vape with the Ghost smartphone Bluetooth app.

After you have your temperature setting figured click the mode button 3 times to enter "Vape Mode" and then hold the vape button to begin heating. In a matter of seconds the Ghost MV1 vape will begin vibrating to notify you it is ready for use. Without releasing the button begin to inhale for 10-15 seconds (the longer the inhale, the stronger the flavor) and then let go of the button when finished to allow your crucible to cool down between pulls. Repeat as necessary until you're satisfied.

Under the hood, the Ghost MV1 portable vaporizer has a long-lasting 2600mAh battery pack that uses two premium 18650 cells to keep you powered for days at a time. It's a 100% removable battery pack so you can always pick up an extra to swap in when your original needs a recharge to avoid any downtime altogether.

The Ghost MV1 dry vaporizer is a truly unique, advanced portable vaporizer. Invest in yours today and experience only the best results with each and every session.

Features & Specs
  • Portable convection vaporizer for dry
  • 100% authentic Ghost Vapes brand product guaranteed
  • Dimensions: ~5" x 2.25" x 1.6"
  • Premium grade metal alloy construction
  • Eye-catching futuristic design
  • Uses removable/replaceable ceramic crucibles for precise refills
  • Convenient hinged atomizer door offers fast-access to chamber
  • Highly advanced convection heater delivers strong flavor
  • Patented heat exchanger creates on demand vapor (10-12 seconds heat up)
  • Cools down fast to prevent waste between sessions
  • Innovative haptic feedback notification system vibrates when ready for use
  • Proprietary heat sink and borosilicate glass mouthpiece cools vapor
  • Isolated airway path separates vapor from internal electronics to maintain natural flavors
  • Set includes concentrate pad crucible insert for vaping waxy oils
  • Can heat anywhere from 284-428°F / includes 5 options for dry (2 custom setting) & 1 for (max) oils
  • Compatible with Ghost Bluetooth app: edit settings, update firmware, receive support
  • Utilizes powerful removable 2600mah battery pack for reliable travel use
  • Micro-USB charging method / fast charger available separately
  • Easy to use 2 button interface with LED indicators
  • Press/hold mode button to power on/off (light displays battery life)
  • Tap mode button to cycle through temperature settings
  • Press mode button 3x to enter vape mode
  • Press/hold vape button to heat crucible for 10-15 seconds
  • Available in 5 sleek color options

  • 1 x Ghost MV1
  • 1 x Micro-USB Charger
  • 1 x Extra Ceramic Crucible with Lid
  • 1 x Concentrate Oil Pad
  • 3 x Stir Pick Tools
  • 3 x Isopropyl Alcohol Wipe
  • 3 x Q-Tip Cleaners
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This product does not contain and is not designed, marketed, or intended for use with nicotine or tobacco. For legal adult use only.

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